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Maruti Suzuki: Workers’ Side of the Story

Workers of the Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant speak up about the events of 18th July 2012, and the repression that they have been facing since then. These workers were amongst the 500 permanent workers who were terminated in the aftermath of the fire. The workers addressed a convention on 7th September organised by AICCTU and […]

Possibilities beyond the Maruti Struggle: Nationalisation and Workers Control – Alok, KYS

Alok Kumar, leader of Krantikari Yuva Sangathan addressing a gathering at the Maruti Suzuki Headquarters on August 27, 2012.

August 9: In solidarity with Maruti Suzuki Workers

A joint demonstration was organized at the Labour Ministry headquarters of the Indian government in Delhi by over 20 organizations on August 9, 2012 to protest the repression and arrest of Maruti Suzuki workers of Manesar plant (Haryana), and against the violent work regime that exists in the industrial sector in the country which do […]

On the significance of the Maruti Suzuki struggle – Pothik Ghosh

Pothik Ghosh, Editor, Radical Notes speaking at the July 21st Demonstration

On the Struggle at Maruti Suzuki and the 18th July event – A Conversation with Shyambir

Bhumika Chauhan talks to Shyambir, an activist with Inquilabi Mazdoor Kendra, Gurgaon

May Day: Karawal Nagar Workers hold a Workers’ Rights Rally

On May 1, the Karawal Nagar Mazdoor Union, Stree Mazdoor Sangathan and Bigul Mazdoor Dasta organised a ‘Mazdoor Adhikaar Rally’ (Workers’ Rights Rally). The struggle of the unorganised workers of Karawal Nagar Yamuna Pushta started 4 years ago in 2008, when a union of almond workers was formed. In 2009, the Almond Workers Union (Badaam […]

Video: Werner Bonefeld on “The nature of the state”

Werner Bonefeld: The nature of the bourgeois state from Communist Party of Great Britain on Vimeo.

Working Conditions Maruti Suzuki English subtitles

Video: Maruti Suzuki’s attempt to suppress workers’ struggle (Subtitled)

Video: On Maruti Workers’ Strike

Pradeep, a leader of Maruti Suzuki Employees Union, talks about the various aspects of Maruti Workers’ agitation. He also notes the designs of the capitalists to use Maruti issues to effect changes in the labour laws.