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Poems by Bilquis Zafirul Hasan

(Translated by Arjumand Ara) POETESS God does not give sufferings Greater than the broadness of one’s bosom. But in my heart He has put the vastness Greater than the earth and heavens. I No I do not complain, nor do I reproach You. Like You, I too, have written stories, pure in nature. I have […]

Silent Questions from the Wife of a Worker Who Reads: A Response to Brecht

Questions From a Worker Who Reads Bertolt Brecht Who built Thebes of the seven gates? In the books you will find the names of kings. Did the kings haul up the lumps of rock? And Babylon, many times demolished Who raised it up so many times? In what houses Of gold-glittering Lima did the builders […]

The Siege

Ahmed Faraz My enemy has sent message for me, That his army-men have laid siege around me. On every tower and minaret of the city-wall, His army-men are standing with bows in their hands. The lightening-wave has been extinguished Whose fervor awoke volcanoes from the soil. Landmines are laid in the waters Of the streamlet […]

To the artists

Ahmed Faraz You sprinkled gold-dust on the forehead of the Earth But lived yourself in the gloomy expanses. You wove an Eden of dreams for others, But burnt yourself in the inferno of misery. You listened to the heartbeat of humanity, But spat blood for all your life. Whenever the world burnt in the fire […]

Time is not any dog

Avtar Singh Sandhu ‘Pash’ If not Frontier, read Tribune If not Calcutta, talk about Dacca Bring the clippings from Organiser and Punjab Kesari And tell me Where are these eagles  flying? Who has died? Time is not any dog That can be chained and driven wherever you like You tell us Mao says this and Mao says that I […]

The wailing wall or the Walled City (Summer 2004)

Bhaswati Sengupta tentatively we string truths we see into tales and songsset loose they rush pell mell at the thick wall of silence that guards the city wherein dwell keepers of virtue and makers of law with the creators of culture if the wall did not bar tales and songs that do not fit if […]